At Home Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth!

Happy 2019 lovelies! I'm so excited to start the new year with more confidence in my smile than ever thanks to Smile Brilliant! I'd always gotten lackluster results when using whitening products in the past so when Smile Brilliant reached out to me I was a little hesitant - I just didn't think that it would work as advertised. But, I'm so happy to share I was wrong! I've actually gotten the best whitening results from Smile Brilliant than any other product I've tried. Read on for my full review! You'll also find a discount code and giveaway link at the bottom of this post - make sure to check it out for 15% off your purchase and a chance for $149 in Smile Brilliant credit!

So let's be honest, one of the first things I pay attention to with any product is the price. If you've been following me very long at all this probably won't be much of a surprise! Now, my Smile Brilliant kit was sent to me for testing purposes and, with that, I didn't have to pay for the trays or any of the associated products. But based upon the super customized product I received, the detailed instructions and support provided, and the quick results I experienced I absolutely would recommend purchasing this product for anyone serious about whitening.  The custom trays plus whitening products whitening range from $139 for light stains and non-sensitive teeth to $189 for heavy stains and sensitive teeth with many options in between. Compared to the $500+ you might pay at the dentist's office I think this is an incredible deal! Oh, and after I go through all the whitening gel and desensitizing gel I have I do plan on purchasing more. Luckily Smile Brilliant has lots of options for repurchasing those supplies as well!

From a lifestyle perspective, I've really not done anything differently - I still drink my daily cup of coffee every morning and haven't experienced any noticeable re-staining at all. I've gotten into the habit of starting my teeth whitening process around 9:00 pm so that I have enough time to whiten and desensitize my teeth before bed. When I first started Smile Brilliant I stuck with the minimum 30 minute whitening time frame and then increased that length over time.  I did notice sensitivity after the first few sessions, particularly on my gums. After reaching out to Smile Brilliant they recommended I try applying a layer of Vaseline to my gums with a q-tip prior to whitening to create a barrier thus reducing the sensitivity. This helped a lot and after a few more sessions I didn't even need to use the Vaseline trick anymore. I was finally able to increase my average whitening time to an hour and a half to two hours without sensitivity issues. I was absolutely diligent about using the desensitizing gel after each and every whitening session for the recommended 20 minutes and am sure that helped my sensitive teeth quite a bit. My at-night whitening sessions have also helped me establish a way better bedtime routine while also preventing me from eating as late - both habits I've been desperate to get into!

Overall my experience with Smile Brilliant has been great. I feel like their products are high quality, easy to use, and come with a lot of support from the company itself which is awesome. I do plan on continuing to use my trays and the whitening/desensitizing gels for the foreseeable future but probably more in a maintenance capacity as opposed to a daily treatment. If you have any questions that I didn't answer in my review please let me know - I'm happy to share whatever you're curious about!

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